Call for papers


Empowering New Generations: Women and Girls

Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, NCR, India

October 12-13, 2017

Call for Papers:

The World Center for Women’s Studies (World-CWS) is calling for global scholars, scientists, and organizations working on empowerment of women and girls and on gender equality to participate and share their research and experience at the 3rdAnnual World Conference on Women’s Studies 2017 that will take place from October 12-13, 2017 At Amity University, India. The organizing committee of the World-CWS 2017 consist of the executive committee of the World-CWS, the Amity Institute of Social Sciences, Amity University, India and the College of Arts and Sciences at the State University of New York, University at Buffalo. The organizers are devoted to deliver to you and all conference participants the cutting-edge updated information relevant to women’s studies, women’s and girls’ advancement and empowerment and women’s movements around the world. The main objective of the World-CWS is to serve and benefit individuals of all genders in the global community by providing service, research, and support to initiatives aimed at women’s empowerment worldwide, as well as to advocate for gender equality by conducting research and designing models for practical policy application.  Through the exchange of information, including academic empirical research, and case studies, we hope to benefit women worldwide by carefully designing, establishing, and testing grassroots programs and policies that improve women’s daily lives around the world no matter where they live.

The topic for this year’s conference is: “Empowering New Generations: Women and Girls”. Gender equality and women’s empowerment are desperately needed as a means to honor women’s place in the world and enhance countries’ development. The World-CWS believes that women’s empowerment will only be actualized with international efforts. We intend to build regional and global alliances to support local and global empowerment efforts. We intend to build an environment in support of your individual research projects and for collaboration. We hope that you leave inspired to start new research or practical cooperation.



Topics of interest for paper submission include the following nine broadly defined themes:

  1. Securing Girls Education
  2. Stopping Violence Against Women and Girls and Promoting a Dignity of Women
  3. Increasing Women’s Decision Making Power
  4. Promoting Women’s and Girls’ Empowerment through Art
  5. Opening Opportunities in Science and Technology
  6. Securing Women’s and Girls’ Health

Conference paper are invited and should be submitted to the World Center for Women’s Studies online submission via Conference Website




Co-Chairs of the 3rd World Conference on Women’s Studies

Nirupama Prakash, Professor & Director at the Amity Institute of Social Sciences, Amity University

Barbara Wejnert, President of the World Center for Women’s Studies and Associate Professor at the University at Buffalo, SUNY



Sponsors for the 3rd Conference of WCWS

World Center for Women’s Studies

Amity University, India

University at Buffalo, SUNY


Co-sponsor for the 3rd Conference of WCWS

Geeta Malhotra, Country Director, READ-India (Rural Education & Development)

More about READ-India is on


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